1. #dream
  2. Ahnold Schwarzenegger at the Menlo Park Facebook campus not giving a damn about rules.
  3. Hope you all had a great day!
  4. So, you wanna be a millionaire?
  5. Did you hear about the new Google Glass? I’m still not buying. But…
  6. 1
  7. Lesson of the story: don’t worry if you don’t get bought out. Your company is worth more than $50 million. #NTFLX #Netflix #Movies #Entrepreneurship
  8. Tired? You mean warming up? entrepreneurmemes.com
  9. Remember this! entrepreneurmemes.com
  10. Someone’s gotta do it.entrepreneurmemes.com
  11. Exactly. entrepreneurmemes.com
  12. The Kraken will be released @10am Pacific Time. Who’s ready for the apple event today? Anyone hoping to see some innovation? entrepreneurmemes.com
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